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Alexis Pommerol, Doriane Salvet, Laureline Belly, les trois chiropracteurs co-fondateurs de HeArt studio chiropractique familial.

HeArt is above all a matter of the heart.


Friends for 20 years now, it is on the school benches of IFEC (Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic) that Laureline and Doriane met Alexis. They became friends, and then partners for Doriane and Alexis.


All three were thirsty for adventure and once they had their diplomas in 2014 they went to practice and travel abroad: Laureline practiced in Saragossa and Valencia in Spain, in London and spent several months in Asia. Doriane and Alexis also practiced in London, then in Maldegem and Oudenaarde in Flemish Belgium. They also travelled for 6 months in South America.


Doriane has a great ability to listen and offers everyone the opportunity to express who he.she is. She particularly likes to give hope to those who have lost it and to support people to regain a better quality of life.

Thanks to chiropractic, Doriane was able to have two beautiful pregnancies, two fluid and natural deliveries as well as two happy and relaxed babies: Mia and Ysé. Since then, she is even more committed to making chiropractic an evidence in the life of every mother and baby.


Alexis, by his joie de vivre, his humor and his permanent enthusiasm, allows everyone to easily feel comfortable and create a relationship of trust. He likes to create a good atmosphere and put a smile on everyone’s face.


Laureline is an enthusiastic and curious about everything in life. Passionate about chiropractic, health and well-being, she divides her time between her job and her many hobbies and sports activities.

She likes to meet people and has very easy contact with everyone. Her wish is to help and support everyone, at any age, in their journey towards a better state of health. She uses her energy and passion to give courage and motivation to all who cross her path.

Rich in their experiences and driven by their common passion, chiropractic, they are delighted to have created together their own Chiropractic Studio in this beautiful region of the Landes. 




A world where each person is connected to her.himself and others, lives in harmony and not in survival, with confidence in her.his body and in life.




To support each individual and each family on the path of health and vitality, so that each person can regain power over her.his life.

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