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I really am the "the fewer doctors I see the better" type of person. But having more and more problems after a difficult second childbirth, I didn't want to believe that I was going to have to settle for it until my old age. I was convinced that someone could help me! The worst was the pain in the lower abdomen, sometimes so much that sitting down and having sex was difficult. My hip was also locking regularly. The first contact with Alexis was very professional and pleasant, he quickly put me at ease. Alexis knew exactly where I was having trouble without even telling her. "Hmm this man knows what he's doing" I thought to myself. Quickly, I had full confidence. After a few adjustments, I felt a lot more muscle strength, and my biggest concern, my pain in the lower abdomen, was much less after the first treatment and was completely gone after 3! I never thought it was possible and yet, without medication! I called him the magician! Various problems were treated during the sessions: pain in the lower abdomen, blocked leg, stiff neck due to stress, unbalanced pelvis. In short, I am super happy to have got to know chiropractic and Alexis !!

Ellen F.

One of my friend recommended the HeArt studio Chiropratique familial to relieve some of my body pains. I am now seeing Laureline Belly on a monthly basis: she is passionate and share her knowledge and her passion with an extreme facility. I did not know anything about chiropractic a few months ago and thanks to Laureline I learnt a lot and I feel much better. I would definitively recommend her and the clinic to anyone.


Our former chiropractor was away from home and due to recent circumstances my wife and I could no longer get there. Finally we met at Alexis' and it immediately matched between us.  Alexis is confident in her therapy. Slowly but effectively he solved our problems. He is also patient and caring. The name of the HeArt studio is certainly not out of place!

Bart & Micheline DV

I've been going to see Laureline at the studio regularly since their opening and could not have hoped to meet a more skilful and diligent practitioner. She never simply goes through the motions as other chiropractors I've seen have done...she's always thinking and responding to the particular condition my frame is in that session.

And I guess I'm not exactly an easy client. I'm 6'5" and 100 kilos. I've had back problems in the past. And I took up running a few months before I started seeing her. But in that time I have trained for and run a marathon and am about to do my second. Not only have I remained uninjured (fingers crossed) and without any musculoskeletal complaints, but I also feel as strong and flexible as I ever have. This is in large part down to her care and advice which she gives freely.

Cannot recommend her and HeArt Studio Chiropratique Familial highly enough!

Daniel G.

When I came to see Doriane in April I was in agony because of my back and leg pain. I could barely walk, sit or sleep properly. By following a treatment plan, I experienced great relief from my pain and stress!  Doriane is very professional, friendly and gentle. His adjustments, advice and support are very comprehensive. She is brilliant!  I highly recommend Doriane to anyone, it's worth it!

Mayuri T.

I started having treatment for a painful back when 6 months pregnant. This was one of the only clinics in the area that could treat pregnant women. Having weekly treatment made me so much more comfortable during the last few months of pregnancy.

My doula had mentioned that women who have chiropractic treatment during pregnancy generally have easier and quicker time during labour and delivery as every thing is looser and aligned. This was very much the case for me. My first child was born after 12 hours of active labour and assisted delivery with no chiropractic treatment and my second (with treatment) was born after 2 hours of active labour with no complications or assistance needed. I feel that the treatment I received here helped me have the labour and delivery that I wanted and would recommend HeArt Studio Chiropratique Familial to every pregnant woman.

I have since been back for treatment with two children in tow and Laureline helped so that I could have uninterrupted treatment. Amazing!


I have to admit I was very skeptical of chiropractic. I suffered from excruciating headaches and also had severe back pain, but after 3-4 treatments my headaches completely disappeared. My spine was not properly aligned and Doriane corrected it over several sessions, relieving the back pain by relieving the pressure on my nervous system.

I have to admit that I am very happy with the treatment and feel better about myself. I have more mobility in my neck, shoulders and back and my general well-being is much better.

I will continue to be treated once by me to control.

Derek P.

I had knee, hip, shoulder and back problems for over 20 years. During this period, I saw many doctors and physiotherapists, I participated in a clinical trial, had many images and cortisone injections. A few months ago, I decided to try chiropractic since I had never seen a chiropractor and was in constant pain. I told myself that I had nothing to lose and I had had my dose of physiotherapy!  It has now been about 4 months since I started the treatments and I can honestly say that it has made a huge difference.  Now I have no more pain and for the first time in 20 years I can run and do whatever sport I want without any limits. Thanks to Doriane, I am very close to being 100% better (and I know that I will reach 100% very soon!).

Jo G.

I want to say that I was super happy with Alexis. I had already had treatments with other chiropractors but with him I had much less physical complaints after an adjustment. I find it amazing how he feels about his patients' bodies and how he readjusts it. Since I came to see him, I no longer need injections of anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers. Thank you for helping me so well.

Kimberly G.​​

Since my neck operation (fusion of the C5-C6 vertebrae in 2001) I have suffered from blockages in my upper back and neck pain. My sedentary profession sitting behind a computer is also responsible. After several treatments (2x per week) at the physiotherapist without result, I was looking for something else. I visited Alexis because I heard a lot of good from him (I work in a doctor's office). He first studied my images, my medical history, asked me about my problems and the treatment started at the 1st consultation. This one was painless. I immediately felt a difference! That same evening, I was very tired. Shortly after the 2nd adjustment, I had no more complaints!

Alexis listens to patients, is comfortable with his adjustments and is always ready to have a pleasant chat and give good advice on life.

Elke VB

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